Lexus GX470 - LED Exterior Lights


I wrote about installing new Interior LEDs on my Lexus GX470, and here’s a bit about exterior lights. I installed new low beams, high beams, daytime running lamps, fog lights, and reverse lights. The install of all of these lights took about an hour. For the front lights, you just have to remove a few engine covers, and for the reverse lights, you have to remove the rear door cover. The fog lights were the most difficult, as you have to get under the car with a 10mm socket.

I was very happy with the outcome - for under $110, you get a higher end look out of your vehicle, but also much better visibility. The reverse lights and high beams are incredible. My only complaint was that the fogs were yellower than I’d hoped.

Here’s a list of lights I used, you need 2 of each bulb:

Low Beams Only Low

High Beams - these give amazing visibility when driving! High

Daytime Running Lights only DRL

Low Beams and Fogs All

I’d like to thank the kind members of the GXOR Facebook group for their suggestions. Here is a handy website for all the light bulbs in a GX470.

Update from 2 years later: All the bulbs were great and still are bright, except one of the H3 fogs burned out. I have changed the link to a new bulb I recommend, and removed the link to the old bulbs. Here is how the GX looks now.


Written on January 15, 2019

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