Anbernic Devices - RG35XX and RG35XXH


This is a different type of post for my blog, but I’ve got really into these portables devices that play older video games. I have bought 2 of them, an Anbernic RG35XX and RG35XXH (horizontal). They both can run custom firmware, play for 4-6 hours, can store and play thousands of games at once, and are great to keep with you or take on a trip to play video games. Both consoles play similar game consoles, which includes most older systems from arcade games up to Playstation 1.


There are many other brands making portable gaming handhelds now, such as Miyoo, Anbernic, Retroid, Powkiddy, and GKD. If you really want to go down a rabbithole, check out the related subreddit.


The costs on these devices are very affordable, and Aliexpress is often the cheapest place to buy then. Shipping will take a few weeks. You can buy them off Amazon in the US, but will pay a bit more. They often show up as sales on Slickdeals .

  • RG35XX - I paid $60, but can now be found as low as $20
  • RG35XXH - I paid $52, but can be found a little lower than that now.
  • MicroSD Card - it is recommended to not use the included SD card that comes with the device due to the low quality, so budget $10-20 for a good SD card and flash your own OS.


Operating System

Both consoles I have modified to have custom firmware.

  • RG35XX - GarlicOS is simply the best, and I wish it worked as well on other consoles. It has an incredible sleep function that auto-saves your game, can switch between games insanely fast, and has a cool heads up display for hot keys (fast forwards, save states, etc)
  • RG35XXH - I have tried most of the options for this device - Stock OS, Batocera, and MuOS, but prefer MuOS due to the quicker boot times and simplicity. I am also using the Verde Dark theme now.


I normally play Gameboy or Gameboy Advance games, Super Nintendo or Playstation 1 games. The RG35XXH plays Nintendo DS and 64 games much better, as it is a newer and powerful device.

There is a zip file called TinyBestSet, this is a collection of the best games for every console. You can download this zip and drop it on your SD card and start playing!


Here are some of the games I’ve completed since I bought my first handheld video game console, the RG35XX.

  • Pokemon Rocket Red - a re-imagining Pokemon Rom hack of Red and Blue but played through the eyes of a Team Rocket member. Very unqiue game, and fills in a lot of gaps from Generation 1. 10/10 game, my favorite overall Pokemon game.
  • Picross - addicting math based pizzle game. I’ve also completed Mario’s Picross and Pokemon Picross.
  • Pokemon Reforged Gold 97 (pictured above) - this is a Pokemon Rom hack based on a leaked copy of a pre-release Gen 2 (Gold and Silver). Some developers took that leak and created the rest of the world around it, and it feels like playing Gen 2 for the first time. It has many Pokemon that were originally created for Generation 2, some were very cool, such an Anchorage. Very fun!
  • Pokemon White - I never played this game growing up. It’s a Nintendo DS game, and plays well on Drastic on the RG35XXH.
  • Pokemon Orange Islands - another Pokemon Rom hack, the plot of this is based around the Orange Islands play of the first season of the Pokemon TV show. This was a trip down nostalgia lane. This plot was never touched on again in any games, so it was fun to relive the events of this part of the show, and it also has lots of unique Pokemon, like the Crystal Onix.
  • Air Delivery - quick platformer for Pico 8. Pico 8 is a modern game engine meant to replicate older arcade games, which is supported on both of my consoles. The controls are very simple.
  • Pokemon Unbound - considered to be one of the best Pokemon rom hacks around, with an all new story, region, and excellent game play.
  • Chrono Trigger - greatest RPG ever, originally for the SNES, but also has a DS version. Don’t play the PS1 version.
  • Final Fantasy 6 - great RPG for SNES/GBA, very difficult, so save states are a must.
  • Pokemon Trading Card Game 2 - the sequel to the original Pokemon Trading Card Game for Gameboy Color was only released in Japanese. There is a newer fan translation for this game, and it is fun to play.


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Written on May 8, 2024

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