Suzuki Cappuccino - Spark Plugs


I replaced the spark plugs on my 1992 Suzuki Cappuccino - EA11r.

The Cappuccino takes 3x NGK DCPR7EIX 6046spark plugs - it was cheaper to buy 4 than 3. This might be a good time to change your spark plug wires too, the NGK part number for that is RC-SE43, I bought that item on ebay and it shipped from Japan (with free candy).

To change your spark plugs on the Suzuki Cappuccino, pop your hood.


Remove 8 Phillips head screws removing the spark plug cover. The front drivers side screw is tough, I used a watch screwdriver to remove it.


Remove the cover. I painted mine while it was off. It got scratched on the re-install, so clear coat might have helped. It’s easier to re-install if you remove the oil fill cap.

Cappuccino Cappuccino

Remove the spark plug lines, and either remember where they go, or label them, so that the firing order stays correct.


Remove the spark plugs with a spark plug socket, which is a deep socket with a rubber insert so that the spark plug doesn’t fall out.


Re-install the new plugs with the spark plug socket. 10-20Nm is the torque spec, but I didn’t check mine.


Re-attach the spark plug line or install new ones. You can remove your labels here. There are 3 lines, 1 to each spark plug, and a shorter one to the distrubuter. The bigger connection end I attached to the spark plug, and it fit under the cover.

Cappuccino Cappuccino Cappuccino

Test your car, then re-install the spark plug cover.


Larry also has a great video documenting this.

Written on June 20, 2024

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