Suzuki Cappuccino - Fuel Filter


After getting some fuel cut issues, I decided to change the fuel pump on my 1992 Suzuki Cappuccino (EA11R). I bought a PF5982 fuel filter, which fits a Chevy Tracker and Suzuki Vitara, it was a little bit longer but still fit.

Replacing the filter was pretty annoying to do. There is very little room to work in this cramped area of the car. There is a fuel pressure release procedure, found in the Suzuki Cappuccino service manual, linked here. I did not follow this procedure.


This is the view of the fuel filter from under the car, looking up at the right rear tire. I got my car up in the air a bit and took the right rear (drivers rear) tire off.

Cappuccino Cappuccino

This is the fuel filter area from the right rear tire.

You can see the fuel filter behind the wire going to your speed sensor on the diff. You can bend the mounts for this wire out of the way to get more clearance.

I removed 2x 12mm bolts holding the fuel filter mount in place, then could wiggle the fuel filter around.

Cappuccino Cappuccino Cappuccino

I also removed 1x 10mm bolt holding the fuel filter to the mount.

Then I removed the 2x fuel lines going in to each side - and replace like for like on the fuel lines. Put a bucket or bowl under your car to catch the gas - some will leak before you install the new filter. Make sure your new filter is in the bracket before installing the new lines.

Cappuccino Cappuccino Cappuccino

These lines were pretty difficult to remove for me.

The toughest part was re-installing the fuel filter bracket. To do so, make sure the bracket is around the fuel filter.

Cappuccino Cappuccino

Then, install the 2x 12mm bolts to the frame. I was only able to get 1 back in.

Finally, install the 10mm bolt (I had to do it by hand, couldn’t get any tools in there).


Then install your tire and drive with cleaner fuel!


This is the old fuel filter part.


Written on June 21, 2024

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