Lexus GX470 - RAM Cell Phone Mount


I’ve used a cheap air vent cell phone holder since I bought my GX470, and it’s pretty annoying since it blocks 1 of my air vents. So I get hot. I live in Florida.

I wanted a phone mount that was out of the way but easy to view. Proclip USA is a company I have used before, I had their mount in my CTS-V for years and loved it, but the GX mount did not look convenient to look at your phone while navigating.

I decided to go with a RAM mount, with inspiration from these posts.

It wasn’t cheap, running about $70 for everything, but I’m keeping this car forever. And if I don’t, it could always be moved to another GX, maybe a GX460 when I win the lottery.

Parts Used:

You can get some of these parts cheaper than Amazon, like the bolts at Home Depot or Lowes.

To install it, take your RAM Ball, put a single M6 bolt through it (I did not use the M8 ones that came with my Amazon order). Put a spacer on the bolt after that, shown below.


Pop the clip off the bottom part of the grab bar on your A-pillar and remove the Phillips screw. Install your RAM ball in that spot.

I also tried mounting this to the top position on the grab handle - I did not like the results. Ram Ram Ram

Then install your RAM arm and phone holder to the ball. I actually tried using a different RAM arm that did not rotate as much, and did not like the results of that either. This picture shows the less movable arm.


So I ordered the nicer more swivally arm and was able to find a convenient location for my phone to sit. It has the phone at my eye level, while barely blocking any of my windsheild - you might have to expirement a while to find a good place for your uses.

Ram Ram

Also if you’re wondering what the piece of rubber that comes with the phone mount is, and how to use it, it is a RAM X-Grip. Seems great for motorcycles or if you drive with the window down often, but the mount seems quite sturdy without it.

Written on April 21, 2021

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