Ferrari 360 - April 2021 Data

April 2021

My next car will be a Ferrari 360. I said I’d buy one before I turned 30, but I think I’ll end up purchasing while I’m 30.

I always make a spreadsheet when I buy a car, but this is a pretty substantial car purchase, and it is months to a a year away, so I wanted to track prices and data for this car pretty in depth. I’ve created a Ferrari 360 spreadsheet to track this data, with multiple sheets and pivot tables to generate analytics and trends. This Google sheet is not mobile friendly.

This month is the first post of many, and includes data on all Ferrari 360’s listed for sale across multiple sites. I mostly use Autotempest, with a max price of $90,000. Autotempest aggregates cars for sale from almost every car sales website, except Craigslist, Facebook, and private forums. I also check Craigslist every day, the FerrariChat for sale forums, and a few Ferrari and exotics for sale Facebook groups. The max price of $90k eliminates many of the highly collectible 360s, like low mileage manual tranmission models and Challenge Stradales. I am also gathering data points for vehicles with salvage titles, but the analytics in this post do not include those cars. All of these cars have clean titles.

In April 2021, I found 30 Ferrari 360s listed for sale, with an average price of $77,604 (cumulative over all months I have tracked this data).

April 2021

The cheapest color was yellow, then silver. Silver was super popular on these cars, the 2nd most popular color besides red (and it’s barely behind red!) Navy was the most expensive, and one of the most rare.

April 2021

The Spider (convertible) costs about $3,500 more than a Modena (coupe). I will likely end up purchasing a Spider, since Florida has perfect convertible weather.

April 2021

A manual transmission demands about a $6,000 premium over a F1 (automatic with paddle shifter). This number might be misleadingly low, since a majority of 360s that cost more than $90k are manuals - the sky is the limit on Ferraris with a manual transmission. I’ve seen a few 360 Spiders with manuals listed for over $200k - way out of my budget. I am undecided on a F1 vs splurging on a manual. Manuals have been increasing in prices recently, and will likely retain their value long term, however they are much less common.

April 2021

And this is the current Price vs Miles chart. The highest miled 360 I’ve seen had about 80k miles on it, though it was listed for much higher than expected. It’s still for sale, and has been for a while. There is a cluster of them for sale in the 20-30k mile range.

April 2021

I’ll have another update at the end of May, and I’ll be interested to see how the prices of this Ferrari go. Feel free to check out the Ferrari 360 spreadsheet for the raw data, more charts, and links to all cars tracked. It’s the greatest spreadsheet I’ve ever made, and I am very proud of it. If you have any additions, corrections or advice on how to improve my pivot tables, leave a comment.

The one in the top picture - that’s my pick of this month. It’s blue on blue on blue, a F1 Spider, listed in Florida for $65k. I like blue.

Written on April 30, 2021

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