C7 Corvette - Grill Mod

My 2016 Corvette came with the stock, chrome grill when I bought it. Some Corvette owners make fun of it, saying it looks like braces or orthodontics. I kinda agree, it doesn’t look great. I could’ve bought the Z06 grill insert, which is about $200 and looks better, or a homemade method to remove the chrome – electrical tape.


Notice there is a single chrome strip through the middle of the grill, with a small split in the middle. I took some simple black electrical tape and stretched it to cover one half, then pressed firmly to let it adhere. I used an X-Acto knife to cut around the thinner part near the middle, shown below.

X-Acto Knifing

Then repeat for the other half, and put a small section of electrical tape over the center gap, so that you can’t see any chrome. See the results below! I think it’s a huge improvement, and I can always switch back to chrome if I change my mind!

X-Acto Knifing

Written on April 19, 2018

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