Honda S2000 - Exterior LED Swap

S2000 LEDs

I did the interior LEDs a few months ago (which also included a few exterior lights), but now I needed to swap my brights and marker lights. Here are the parts I used.

So to change these lights, you have to get your S2000 off the ground with the tires off, and pull off the inside liner. It is a huge pain to do this, here’s how to get the tires off and the car up in the air.

S2000 LEDs

First, you’ll need some ramps, some pieces of wood (I used old pieces of baseboards), and a low profile jack. Put the wood in front of your ramps, then drive your car onto the wood and a little on to the ramp. Now you should be able to get the low profile jack under your car. I had to use some small wood blocks, or else the front bumper would have scraped my ramps. The jack is a low profile jack from Harbor Freight, but still is too high for the S2000 without being on some ramps. This car sits really low, even at stock height. Before you jack up your car, make sure you break the 19mm lug nuts on each wheel.

S2000 LEDs S2000 LEDs

Jack up the car so it’s in the air now. Put some jack stands under it and take 1 wheel off. Peel off the wheel well liner (again, mine didn’t have one when I bought it). The marker light is just a simple 194 LED swap. The high beam is a little more difficult. It is the light closest to your engine. Disconnect the wiring harness to it, then remove the rubber gasket keeping it watertight. S2000 LEDs

S2000 LEDs S2000 LEDs

Now you can release the metal clamp thing (super annoying) and remove the old bulb. S2000 LEDs S2000 LEDs

Now, place in the new bulb and try to work the clamp around it. Run the wiring out through the rubber gasket and place that gasket back on. Now plug in the red and black wires from the LED into the harness, and test your brights. If it doesn’t work, try reversing the polarity of your red and black wires, orientation matters! Once you’ve got it working, a little electrical tape would help, and run the wires back in place.

S2000 LEDs On the image above, the passenger high beam has been changed and the driver side bulb has not, for comparison.

Now you can place that wheel back on and repeat for the other side. Remove the jack stands, lower the jack, drive your car back off your ramps and wood blocks, and you’ve got some great high beams! Some people get mad saying “putting LEDs in projector housing is bad and blinds people”, but these are high beams anyways, they shouldn’t be on while you’re driving behind or towards someone anyways.

S2000 LEDs

Written on January 15, 2020

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