Honda S2000 - 25mm Rear Spacers


My 2004 Honda S2000 has a sort of wide body kit at the back, but stock rims, so the tires and rims sit too far within the wheel well. There is a product called spacers, which is just a piece of aluminum that sits between your wheel hub and your rim, poking them slightly further out. I bought some 25mm spacers for my S2000 and installed them. This makes them stick out 25mm more on each side, so 50mm wider on the back tires overall.

Before buying any spacers, I did a lot of research. There are lug centric spacers, and there are hub-centric spacers. Hub centric spacers have an additional lip that sits within your wheel, and they are much safer. H&R seems to have the best reputation within the S2000 community on spacers, so I bought these H&R 25mm Aluminum spacers for about $150.


To install, break the lug nuts on the back 2 tires. Jack up the rear of your S2000 and put it on some jack stands.


Take the back rims completely off. Find out you need new rear tires, like yesterday.


Now, the instructions to say to clean off any rust or grime off your hubs.

I used some light sandpaper, which didn’t do much.

Then I sprayed some PB Blaster on there, and that rust was gone! PB Blaster is awesome.


Place your spacer over the hub, and tighten on the new spacer nuts in a star pattern.


I had to use a 3/4” socket instead of my 3/4” lug nut tool, since the area around the spacer nuts was pretty small.

Tighten those in pretty good, put the rims back on, lower the car. Drive it for 50-100 miles, then take the wheels back off and re-tighten both spacers. They will loosen a little after your first time driving, so this is just to get them back into a permanent place.

Spacers Spacers

And done! The results are noticeable if you’re looking for them, wider in the back just like I wanted. The wheels look much more natural by not sitting so far within the wheel well.


Spacers Spacers

After and Before Spacers

Spacers Spacers Spacers

Now I gotta go get new tires.

Written on June 9, 2020

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