Ferrari 360 Spider - LED Swap

So I’ve had my Ferrari 360 Spider a while now, and the first mod is always new LEDs. I replaced the dome, license plate, and frunk bulbs on my 2001 360 Spider with LEDs, here’s how.



To replace the old bulbs on your Ferrari 360, buy the above parts. You’ll also want a plastic trim tool to not scratch anything.

To replace the license plate bulbs, unscrew the 2 phillips screws on each license plate bulb, then swap the new 36mm festoon in, verifying it works before re-installing as the LEDs do have polarity.


The dome light on the Ferrari 360 Spider is different than a Modena, so this part is for the Spider version. The dome light switch has been repurposed from a Peugot 206-207, seeing as it shows 4 doors on the car.


For the dome light, use a trim tool to pop the light out, remove the bulb holder by pressing in on the grey tabs on both sides. Pry apart the clear cover, be patient to not break it. Once you can pry the clear part off, take the metal housing out, or else your new bulb will not fit. Finally, replace the 194 bulb.


This is a weird light, where if you don’t buy the correct LED you could be stuck with a light that only comes on when the door is open, and won’t turn on when you flip the switch to turn on, see this write-up on FChat. This is how mine is currently setup, and the link to the recommended LEDs from FChat, also linked above, work perfectly.

For the frunk, same thing, just pop the old light out with a trim tool, new 36mm festoon in.


There is also a light in the glove box, but my glove box is zip tied shut for now. It’s probably another 194 or 36mm festoon though.


Later, I replaced my high beams and marker lights. To replace these lights that are within the headlight, you have to remove the wheel and the headlight rear cover, which uses a 7 or 8mm socket. The high beams are a 9005 size bulb, and the marker lights are size 194 LEDs.

And there’s a quick and easy way to make your Ferrari 360 brighter.

Written on May 16, 2023

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