Ferrari 360 Spider - Replace Clock Light

Before LED

After!! LED

Inspired by this post, I wanted to having a working clock in my Ferrari 360 Spider. The backlight is awful from the factory, this mod involves removing the old clock light and installing a new LED one


Parts and Tools:

First, remove your dome light, I detailed how to do this in my last post on replacing all the LEDs.

Behind the dome light, there are 2x 4mm allen screws to remove, then your whole housing can come off.


There are 2 Phillips screws kinda holding on the clock, just back them out a bit. Kinda weird they don’t actually screw into or through the clock.


Now that the clock is off, you can remove the light, if your fingers can’t reach it then a set of needle nose pliers should work.


Swap the old bulb with your new T5 LED, re-install and verify that the light comes on. If it doesn’t reverse the polarity of your light. To test, turn the accesory of your 360 on by turning the key 1 click.


To finish the install, screw the 2 Phillips back into the clock, run the dome light wiring through the hole and install the 4mm Allen screws, re-install the dome light.

Total install time: 12 minutes according to my clock


Set your clock using a small device, I used my trim removal tool. The left button sets the hour, the right button sets the minute. Now you have a usable clock!

Written on May 17, 2023

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