Vanity Drains Replaced with Pop Up Drains

I replaced 2 drains on my master vanity with pop up drains. The vanity I installed does not have the lever to pull up and down the stopper in the drain, so this style is a functional way to have working stoppers. Previously, I had normal drains, and I could not put the stopper down. They were attempted to be pushed down by a few guests, and eventually broke, so I decided to finally replace them!


First, I took the old drains out and cleaned the sink bottom, where the new drains would be installed. A lesson learned here is to clean the opening more than you think you should. It took me about 5 installs to get both drains working with no leaks, and each time I found more and more gunk to be cleaned. I’d recommend using an old, heavy towel or t-shirt.

Drains Drains

The install process of the new drain was pretty simple, I would recommend using plumbers tape. I didn’t do this the first few attempts, and it lead to leaking. The new stopper works by pressing down on the top, and it latches closed. To open, just tap again.

Drains Drains Drains Drains

Written on September 10, 2018

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