Suzuki Cappuccino - Washer Fluid Tank Replacement


After topping up my washer fluid tank in the Suzuki Cappuccino the other week, I noticed a hole in the top of the tank. I poked the hole, and realized the whole top of my washer fluid tank was very brittle, leaking, and needed to be replaced. I ordered a 38450-80F00 Suzuki OEM Washer Fluid Tank for $67 shipped from Japan, and it arrived about 2 weeks later.


To install, there are 2 large Phillips head screws on the engine side of the tank - I had to use lots of PB Blaster to get these to loosen up.

Washer Then you can remove the old tank. There was one clip on the passenger side of the tank I had to remove and put on the new tank.

Washer Washer

Then you can remove the old pump, throw away the old pump gasket, and install the pump into your new tank.

Washer Washer

While you are there, you should clean out the drain under the washer fluid tank, I poured lots of water down the drain to clean everything out.

Washer Washer Washer

I am getting into the habit of installing car parts before I even get the delivery notificions. Washer

Once you have the new pump and gasket on there, re-install as before and tighten down the 2 Phillips screws, then use a funnel and add your favorire washer fluid. Done!

Washer Washer

Written on October 13, 2023

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