Lexus GX470 - Windshield Wiper Pump Replacement


I bought the Lexus GX470 because it didn’t have many parts that break, and after over 4 years of ownership, and at 187k miles, I finally had a weird part break. My windshield wiper pump. It broke while on vacation in a snowy area, so I was having to clean my windshield with the gas station wipers every stop (often, this GX gets bag MPG). To replace the pump was pretty simple, and it’s a basic part that seems to be pretty easy to find. It also required no tools.


The windshield wiper pump sits at the bottom of the windshield wiper fluid resoivoir, so when you remove the pump all the fluid will drain out. I caught mine using a large bowl to reuse.


To remove the old part, find it first! It’s located in front of the passenger wheel, under the bumper. I drove my GX on ramps and could see and work on the part without removing anything else or needing any tools. You can also see the pump from behind the bottom front passenger side grill.


There are 2 lines to remove from their holders, so do that.

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There is 1 electrical plug to remove, so do that. Then, simply wiggle the pump back and forth and out until the part comes out. Once the pump is out, you’ll notice one fluid line to disconnect from the pump. So the old pump only has 1 electrical and 1 fluid connector.


Now that you have the broken pump out, keep the gasket from the old pump, the gasket that comes with the new one is too big.


Put the gasket in the resoivoir where it came out (without the pump). Then put the pump in. I found this made it WAY easier to get a good seal on the pump. Connect the electrical and the fluid line, then re-attach the 2 fluid lines into their holders. Turn on the car and try it. Yay, working windshield wipers!


This is the only video I found of this repair, it helped some.

Written on January 2, 2023

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