iKuby Carport Install


I installed a iKuby foldable carport at my house to protect my Ferrari 360 Spider. I went down the build a garage path a few times, and due to crazy costs, terrible timelines, and dealing with city permits, I decided just to DIY this as a multi-year solution for car storage.

I initially bought a Harbor Freight portable garage, installed it, then returned it the next day. I didn’t trust it in wind, at all. Then, I ordered the iKuby, which took about 3 weeks to arrive. I bought the small/medium (that is the same size), not the large, since I’ll only ever store my Ferrari in here. Lexus can live outside.


Installation was pretty easy, follow the instructions for putting the metals bars together. Putting the tarp on top was pretty difficult with just 1 person, since the tarp is like 100 pounds, but that’s good, it’s a very heavy duty cover.

ikuby ikuby ikuby ikuby

Here’s some pics from the inside before a car goes in. ikuby ikuby

Once you’ve got all that lined up, drill into your concrete pad and mount the sides of your carport. I used tapcons and washers for all of my concrete mounts. You’ll need a hammer drill and a concrete bit to drill into your concrete pad. I did not use the included hardware to mount it to concrete.

ikuby ikuby

The carport comes with a lockable front, and the instructions and included parts just tell you to just secure the back to the ground. I wanted to be able to open both sides, so I mounted some part I found in my hardware bin to the ground, and used a carabeaner to clip and unclip the other end. This way, I can open both ends, and all sides of my carport are mounted to concrete. I feel pretty confident about that, plus it’s next to my house which will reduce wind even more.

ikuby ikuby

Finally, you’ll notice it’s hard to get in and out of your car while inside of the carport. I used some pool noodles to protect the metal bars of the iKuby from car doors, a cheap way to make your paint stay in better shape. I’d recommend doing this to both sides, as your passenger mirror will likely hit the metal a few times.

ikuby ikuby

Overall, I think this iKuby is durable and should last a few years until we can afford a house with a garage. The very top of the carport is static, and if rain pools there I might mount something the strengthen and level that area, maybe some plywood. I also am planning to attach a tennis ball so I know when to stop pulling forward. My only complaint is a small rip in the fabric at the very bottom of the front of mine.

ikuby ikuby

Written on May 23, 2022

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