Front Door Remodel


We finally redid our front door for good, final product above. We had taken the door off, sanded and painted it about 6 months ago, using the same color “Swimming” as our laundry room. Problem was, we used the same bucket of paint as the laundry room. Interior paint. You can guess how well that held up outside.

Below is the door after painting with interior paint. Notice the discoloration and bad spots. And the pups.


When I bought the house, the door was pink/mauve. This is a picture from when I bought the house, the only picture I have of the front door. We originally redid it with new paint, weatherstripping, and hardware, but then had to repaint for good. That interior paint was not going to last on the door.


We re-did the whole thing - took the door off the hinges, took off the hardware, sanded, sanded, sanded. You can see all of the different layers: wood, pink/mauve from before, primer, and the interior Swimming paint. We took off different levels in different spots.

Before Before Before

I then applied 4 coats of EXTERIOR Swimming - same color, but better for outdoor use. It’ll hold up much better this time. It looks much lighter with the direct light in the garage.

Before Before

Written on October 17, 2018

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