Suzuki Cappuccino - Oil Change


I bought a 1991 Suzuki Cappuccino! First thing to do was an oil change. This is following Larry’s Youtube Video

Parts Required

  1. Drive car on ramps or lift the front end. Oil
  2. Remove oil cap in the engine
  3. Remove oil filter, under the front of the car
  4. Remove drain plug, slightly further behind the oil filter, with a 17mm, rotating clockwise!
  5. Oh yeah, make sure you have a drain pan under the car. Let the oil drain for a while. Oil
  6. Add in the drain plug with a little bit of old oil, twist (counter clockwise) until hand tight, then tighten just a bit with your 17mm.
  7. Lube the o-ring of the new oil filter with some of the old oil.
  8. Add in your oil filter, just hand tight is fine. The oil filter removal tool doesn’t work to tighten anyways. Oil
  9. Add about 3 quarts of oil using your funnel
  10. Replace oil cap in the engine bay
  11. Drive car off ramps, let sit at idle for about 5 minutes and watch for any leaks Oil
  12. If no leaks, check the oil level using the dipstick. If it is between full and low, you’re done. If low, add more oil. If too full, that stinks. Repeat steps 1-11.
Written on July 11, 2020

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