Honda S2000 - Interior LED Swap

S2000 LEDs

I recently bought my 12th car, a 2004 Honda S2000, so I’ll be doing a few little convenience mods here and there. My first mod is always LEDs, which make the car brighter and more visible, and make it look like a more modern car. Here are the parts I used:

S2000 LEDs

Yeah, the S2000 doesn’t have that many lights compared to my GX. Anyways, they’re all pretty simple to do. The map lights, you pry off only the clear cover, and there are two notches where it indicates where to put in a screwdriver. For the reverse lights, the trunk liner requires no tools to remove, just remove the liner and put in the new reverse bulbs. The trunk light itself, you can just use a flat head screwdriver. The license plate light is one Phillips screw to change.

S2000 LEDs

Written on November 12, 2019

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