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I recently found out about Mazda AIO Tweaks, some cool little modifications you can apply to your Mazda Infotainment screen. This works best with older OS versions of the Mazda Infotainment screen, pretty sure mine hasn’t been upgraded since 2016, so I was able to jump right in, here are some of the things I did. Infotainment

First you have to install the Mazda AIO Tweaks package for your computer, I used my Mac (it works on Windows/Mac/Linux), and have an empty USB drive formatted to FAT32. I used this cute cupcake USB drive because it’s all I had.

Infotainment It takes about 2 minutes of being plugged in before it prompts you to install.
Infotainment I enabled the touchscreen while driving - it normally turns off at 5MPH. Infotainment A speedometer app - this has a reaaaaaally slow refresh time so it’s not super useful. Infotainment Changed the background Infotainment Installed a stupid Stormtroopers UI theme Infotainment Changed the boot animation to a cooler Mazda race theme. Also disabled all the pop up messages on startup. Infotainment Infotainment Now it makes less annoying noises at me. Infotainment New background, silver icon theme Infotainment Also changed the order of the audio inputs - something Mazda didn’t let you do. Infotainment All apps - including an Android Auto that I have to upgrade my physical USB inputs to use. Until 2018, they only installed 1A USB inputs, and Android Auto requires 2.1A inputs. Mine is a 2016, so I have to upgrade the USB in my car to use it. Someday. Infotainment

There are some neat other tweaks, like pause on mute, disabling the nav pop up, removing the reverse camera warning (which will come in handy when I install that). You can also speed up the screen by decreasing the animation time, allowing videos to play while driving, all kinds of customizations. Highly recommended if you have a Mazda with a newer Infotainment screen.

You can also install as few or as many tweaks at once - I ended up doing about 7 different USB inserts in my Miata to find the right theme I liked! Infotainment


Written on November 19, 2020

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