Kitchen Remodel


The kitchen remodel. I’ve been dreading making this post because there is a lot of content, so here goes. We redid the 1980 kitchen in our house, and redid the layout, among other things. Everything. Here is all the tasks that the remodel consisted of.

Part 1: Demolition

This step made so much dust, I changed the air filter in our house every day for a few weeks. The vacuums got a workout.

  • Remove drop ceiling in Kitchen
  • Remove built in pantry column in kitchen
  • Remove all popcorn in house
  • Remove cabinets in Kitchen
  • Remove old tile floors in Kitchen
  • Dig trench in kitchen floor to run conduit and electrical to new island
  • Remove old tile floors in hallway
  • Remove old tile floors in guest bathroom
  • Remove old tile floors in laundry room
  • Remove speakers in ceiling in kitchen and bedrooms

Part 2: Get kitchen ready for cabinets

This step took a really long time and progress was actually noticable.

  • Re-route electrical that was in pantry column to other places
  • Re-route air pipe, since this was in the drop ceiling before
  • Replace any bad pieces of drywall
  • Replace holes from where speakers and drop ceiling were
  • Re-texture and paint ceiling in whole house
  • Re-tile kitchen
  • Re-tile hallway
  • Re-tile guest bathroom
  • Re-tile laundry room


Part 3: Kitchen goes in!

Finally had a usable kitchen, this part took about 4 weeks to get to. Was very happy to not be using a microwave on my back patio anymore.

  • Add custom cabinets to Kitchen
  • Add electrical to island cabinet and back wall (between new pantry cabinets)
  • Install old fridge and dishwasher
  • Install new microwave and range
  • Install counter top/sink
  • Connect sink and disposal to water/drain
  • Install tile backsplash - I did this.

Part 4: Final touch up

  • Install cabinet handles - I did this.
  • Cut and install shelf paper - Alex did this.
  • Touch up paint basically every wall in the house - I did this.
  • Re-install baseboards in kitchen - I did this.
  • Caulk. So much caulk. - I did some of this.

So those are the major steps. This took 6 weeks to complete the whole thing, and here is how the costs broke down.

  • Cabinets - Waring Brothers Cabinets - $8550. Custom shaker white cabinets
  • Labor - Josh and Jen of A to Z Contemporary Design- $9018. This number also included materials for the ceiling, like paint and texture. Josh and Jen and a few others did all the labor other than the few things noted.
  • Countertops/sink - Surfside Granite - $4460. Cambria Brittanica Quartz
  • Appliances - new GE slide in range and microwave (I had bought a dishwasher and fridge over the previous years as old appliances broke) - $1115. I bought these from a website called ABT that I found on Rakuten
  • Permit - City of Palm Bay - $162
  • Flooring, grout, thin set - $950. 6x24 LifeProof Blonde Wood
  • Backsplash, grout, thin set - $700. Siberian Glass Glass Tile
  • Shelf Paper - $300
  • Cabinet Hardware - $100 - Brahmco. Super cheap hardware, I bought a decent amount of extras because so many of these broke on install.
  • Etc (oven cord, can light, transition piece, toilet seal) - $75

Total = $25,430


My goal was to be at 20-22k for a kitchen remodel. This would probably be close, since these costs also include re-tiling ~400 sq ft of hallway, laundry room, and bathroom, and re-texturing all of the popcorn ceiling. Overall, I’m very happy with our new kitchen and other rooms, and was well worth $25k spent. Our old kitchen had cabinets falling apart, multiple broken tiles, and a terrible tile countertop that was impossible to keep clean. Our new quartz is SO easy to keep clean and makes cooking more enjoyable.

Here is a link to an album of the full remodel process, over 200 pictures!

Written on December 10, 2019

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