Garage Storage Solutions


I recently reorganized and cleaned out my garage so our cars have more space. Here are some of the things I did.

New cabinets

Well, old cabinets from the kitchen remodel. I painted them grey with spray paint, hung them up in a corner, and reused a small plastic organizer shelf for some additional storage. I actually hung these myself, using an old cabinet door as a bottom level and holder. Clamped the two cabinets together to screw them together, hung the doors using the old copper hardware, I think it looks good. I’ll add some copper handles eventually. This let me move a lot of things off my shelves in the corner, which I was able to reuse by moving a lot of stuff off the floor. Goal is to maximize floor space.

Garage Garage Garage Garage Garage Garage

Created some long stuff storage hanging in the air

I made some hangers for wood/baseboards/trim/pipe/etc. Just used a long 2x4, cut into 6” sections and screwed into studs above the door and window. Gets some of that long stuff off the ground. Then I got rid of a ton of drywall and concrete backer board I don’t need. Before and after!

Garage Garage

Created PVC organizers for yard tools

This was made from some PVC I was going to throw away. Cut the ends at 45 degrees so I could run a screw through to the stud. Put yard stuff in them.


Anyways, this took a few days of painting, cleaning, and abusing my Shop Vac. I need a new Ship Vac filter so bad now, but my garage is clean. Also I hung some posters and decorations up that were just sitting on the ground. More floor space!

Garage Garage

Written on May 3, 2020

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