Lexus GX470 - Radar Detector Hardwire


I recently put my Corvette on the market, so I took the hardwired radar detector out of it. Might as well put it in the GX!

I used a RJ11 power cord that has a simple power and ground, with the goal to get power behind the mirror. It was ridiculously easy, the easiest of any car I’ve ever done. There are 2 wires behind the rearview mirror that are exposed.



In spot 1 there is a blue/white cord, and in spot 2 there is a black/white cord.


Put your power from the radar cord (red) into spot 1 with the blue/white cord. Put the ground (black) into spot 2, the black/white cord. The prongs from the RJ11 power cord should fit snug.

I then wrapped a bit of black electrical tape around the power cord and the other wires running into the mirror, to keep everything from moving around too much. Plug in your radar detector.

You have power when the car is on, and the power drops when the car is turned off. Perfect.

Radar Radar

I wrapped the cord once around my mirror, since it was a little long, then mounted it with the normal suction cup mounts, which aren’t great. If you’re doing any off road driving, you’ll want to take your detector down, or get a Blendmount.

I use a Escort radar detector, these detectors have great sensitivity, but you can dial it back and customize them how you like them. I actually use an older model 8500 X50 that I bought for my first Corvette.

Written on October 7, 2019

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