Lexus GX470 - Change Heated Seat Bulbs


One of the lights that provided a backlight to my heated seats on my GX470 was out, so I wanted to change it. I initially tried pulling the bulb out and replacing it with an LED of similar size, but the LED would not light up in any orientation, and the harness that holds the old bulb in was really difficult to deal with, so I just bought new bulbs.

I ended up ordered a pair of NEO3-RHP: 3mm NEO3-xHP Red from SuperBrightLEDs for $1.79 each. I figured, heated seat, should be red, right?.


To install, pop the switch out of the dash with a small flathead screwdriver or plastic pry tool.


Remove the connector from the wiring. You can use pliers or a clamp to hold it out of the dash, or else it will fall back in and you’ll probably have to use pliers to fish that connector back out. Then remove the cover that says L or R.


The LED itself is the grey circle on the side of the switch. Use a screwdriver to rotate the old light to the left, the insert your new LED into the same spot, and rotate it right. Plug it back in and turn on the car to see if you have a light. If not, just remove the LED and rotate it to the opposite polarity.


To reassemble, attach the L or R switch cover, plug back into the harness, then push back into your dash. Done.


Written on October 16, 2019

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