Architecture of Money


I like to talk about money, credit cards, banks, investing, etc. I realized that I knew where my money went, and it might be a little complicated, so I wanted to diagram it like a Cloud Architecture diagram. Here it is.

We’ve got 2 paychecks coming in, one for my job, and one for my wife. Most of that money goes to CCU, while some goes to Ally for our Emergency Fund, and some goes to Bethpage, where we have our HELOC.

Some of our paychecks go towards investments before it hits the bank, like our 401K’s and HSA at Fidelity. Some goes to investments after it hits the bank, like our Roth IRAs and Brokerage, which are all at Vanguard. I also have accounts open at Robinhood and Fundrise that I don’t actively contribute to, just collect and reinvest dividends.

All of our auto-pays go out from CCU, including our mortgage, monthly credit card bills, and any utility bills that don’t let us pay by credit card. Our Bethpage account exists just for us to pay off our HELOC, which is also at Bethpage.

That’s basically it. Money flows in and around, pays for stuff and gets invested. A little more complicated, but we’re seeing results!

Written on April 24, 2020

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