2019 Goals

Here are my goals for 2019.


  • Max out my Roth IRA ($6k)
  • Max out my fiancés Roth IRA ($6k)
  • Max out my 401k ($19k)
  • Keep 5k in an Ally Emergency Fund
  • Have 35k saved in taxable investment accounts for a down payment on our next house
  • Reach a Net Worth of 330k
  • Have a total of 110k invested in retirement accounts
  • Have a total of 150k invested in everything
  • Roll over HSA to Fidelity. I’ll be married in 2019, and we’re getting better health insurance, so I lose access to my HSA. The existing HSA will charge high fees if I’m not contributing to it, so I’m moving it to a no-fee Fidelity HSA.
  • Don’t buy a car


  • Redo Closet in Owen’s Room
  • Finish second bathroom renovation (shower, floors)
  • Finish master closet
  • Paint outside of house
  • Grow grass in side yard
  • Redo gutters by the side yard
  • Start composting
  • Redo lavender garden, maybe move a fruit tree from the back to here
  • Add a front garden
  • Rip out grass around fruit trees and add soil/composting
  • Pressure wash pool area
  • Redo the kitchen. This is an expensive one that I hope to get to this year, it was also on my list for last year.


  • Pass 2 Georgia Tech classes
  • Get Elizabeth and my college diplomas framed
  • Obtain a AWS Professional level Certification


  • Get married
  • Weight down to 185
  • Beat Final Fantasy 9
  • Go to Costa Rica on a Honeymoon
  • Recycle plastic bags
  • Read Freakonomics
  • Read Millionaire Next Door
  • Read Phoenix Project
Written on January 2, 2019

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