2018 Goals Revisited

I keep track of some short term and long term goals using checklists in Google Keep. Here is a recap of my goals for 2018.


  • Max out my Roth IRA ($5.5k) - PASS.
  • Max out my fiancés Roth IRA ($5.5k) - FAIL, we set up an auto-contribution, but ended up about 1k short. We still have until April to finish this goal, which we will.
  • Max out my 401k ($18.5k) - PASS, or really close.
  • Max out my HSA ($3.45k) - PASS
  • Keep 3k in an Ally Emergency Fund - FAIL, I had more than 3k in there multiple times but I always take it out. I use my emergency fund different than most.
  • Have 30k saved in taxable investment accounts for a down payment on our next house - FAIL, reached 19k.
  • Reach a Net Worth of 260k - FAIL. I hit 259.5k in June! The market fluctuated so much that I ended the year with about 255k.
  • Have a total of 100k invested - PASS


  • Fix Pool Cage - PASS
  • Redo Owen’s Room - PASS. One of my roommates finally moved out, so we redid that room. It was pretty disgusting. About $600 in materials and some sweat and it looks amazing.
  • Redo the kitchen - FAIL. This one is going to be expensive and I hope to get it done by the end of 2019. I did buy a much needed new fridge!
  • Finish master bathroom - PASS. We installed new floors, vanity, tub, toilet, shower, etc. It’s nice.
  • Finish master closet - FAIL. The layout of the small master closet kinda stinks, so I want to redo the shelving.
  • Finish 2nd bathroom - FAIL. We painted the cabinets and walls and put in a new mirror and fixtures, but have yet to do the floors or shower. That is a priority in 2019.
  • Paint outside of house - FAIL. I got lots of free exterior paint but never got the drive to actually complete this.
  • Landscaping - FAIL. I put in some fruit trees and a lavender garden, but I need to put in tons more work outside.


  • A in Educational Technology in Spring 2018 at Georgia Tech - PASS
  • A in Machine Learning for Trading in Summer 2018 at Georgia Tech - FAIL, I dropped the summer course because of the rigor.
  • A in Health Informations in Fall 2018 at Georgia Tech - FAIL, I got a B. I’ll take it.
  • Get Elizabeth and my college diplomas framed - FAIL. It would take me an hour at Michaels and a few hundred bucks, but I haven’t done it still.
  • Obtain the AWS SysOps Administrator Certification - PASS.


  • Weight down to 200 - PASS, we started on the keto diet and I dropped from 220 to 195.
  • Reach 125 of the Top 250 Beers on Beer Advocate - FAIL, I was at 102 at the start of the year, and they changed their algorithm. I ended up with about 90.
  • Go to church - FAIL, we went 3 or 4 times.
  • Get engaged - PASS
  • Get a newer car - PASS…twice. I bought a 2016 Corvette and a 2007 Lexus GX470.
Written on January 1, 2019

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